The Dream


Our Story

In early 1999, after a month of reselling another manufacturer's wire-wrapped gemstone pendants, I was awakened out of a dead sleep by the stones themselves, pleading with me to let them "out of their cages"! Needless to say, I was a bit stunned but stayed with this communication until I understood what the stones wanted me to do with them.

Over the next week, in meditation and waking consciousness, they showed me explicitly - a gemstone dangling from a simple sterling bail, and hanging on a silver chain. No front, back, side or anything to distract from its natural beauty or magical energy. I created what I saw, and this pendant line was was Balsamic Moon!

Up until then, I had been a stone lover to be sure, utilizing crystals and gemstones in my healing and intuitive work. But I hadn't a clue how to make jewelry. Deeply inspired, I joined a local gem and mineral club, found a mentor, asked a thousand questions, then splurged on a jeweler's drill press and dozens of diamond bits, and a lapidary motor. Girded with pounds of stones arriving at my house daily, I taught myself, at the direction of the gemstone devas, just how to produce these lovely and simple "Pure Stone" pendants, as they called themselves. And we call them PureStone™ Pendants.

I buy only hand-selected (never commercial grade) gemstones, then personally hand pick the most interesting and beautiful stones to become pendants. The others, all lovely, are packaged in our Le Sac de Sublime Stones (a richer mix you won't easily find!) and other products. Visit our Tumbled-Stones site.

I talk to my stones, and coo over them while I gently drill and place sterling in each one. To me, they each dazzle. Each one unique, with its special magic. I'm so glad my customers love them as much as I enjoy making them.

Over the years I've also dreamed up (or they've dreamed me up) more gemstone pendants ... so be sure to check out our "More Beautiful Pendants" section above, too, for even more inspiration.

Many Blessings!



Well, our Testimonials speak for themselves, but here is what we do on the inside of Balsamic Moon: We buy pounds and pounds of gemstones and sort through them for those extra special lovely and most interesting pieces, and these are the ones we set aside for our pendants.

Then we drill them carefully in water, assemble them with our generously sized sterling silver bails so you can wear them on a variety of lovely chains, then place them into a bed of rice to settle in a a bit. The next day we clean and polish them up, package them up beautifully for you, always include the stone's name and a key quality so you'll never forget..then they wait for you to order them and begin your new relationship.

Each of our one-of-a-kind pendants has its own personality and special story to tell. We keep each customer in mind when we select your stone, too. That has just got to be the very best part of all.