I love your store, your products, and the customer service is, of course, exquisite.
One of my favorite online shops.  One of my stones and stone jewelry. ~ Neely

 I just wanted to let you and the other ladies there know that I received my aquamarine pendant in the mail today and it is absolutely beautiful. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you for making the exchange of the Angelite so easy.  Sincerely--Aimee

 I wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery of my order and also the beautiful shell and crystal you enclosed with my order. I am especially pleased with my order of Apache Tears they are quite stunning and as I am also about 1/2 Apache myself I thank you the quality of the stones because they mean a lot to me and also your excellent service. Thank you again. 
G Steven

Thanks joanie...i am so happy that we connected and so appreciate your gifts in my world... Take care, Diana

"Believe it or not we received the azurite pendants on Earth Day! I'm wearing the one that looks like the Earth because of the malachite that's included (looks like little green continents floating in a sea of blue) and my partner has the one that's predominantly blue with a black stripe down the middle. It's like I'm wearing a mini-Earth around my neck :) ... As always, the pendants are fabulous and I continue to get compliments on them whenever I wear them...you guys are all awesome!" ~Joe

Just letting you know that my shipment arrived yesterday and that the pendants are beautiful.  I am sure my Mother and Sisters will get a lot of joy from them. - Megan C.

My boldstone arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased Thanks for such great customer service, and to Rhiannon for leaving such a friendly note.  I will definitely be a repeat customer. - Elizabeth B.

The wonderful package from Balsamic Moon arrived today!  

Thank you for choosing such marvelous, beautiful stone pendants for the "girls" on our spiritual path.  I am sure they will not only
love them, but feel the blessings that are infused in each stone. - April

When I got the box and I opened it I just went WOW!  The gem stone necklaces were beautiful.  I asked that they match in size and you all did a wonderful job.  I will be wearing them alot and they look good on a chain or a leather tie.  I could not believe that they would look so good together.  I also appreciated the special note that I got..it did mean alot to me.  It is nice that you took the time to just write it.  Thanks.  Chris

I rec'd my pendants yesterday and they are so beautiful!  My wife's birthday is today, so thank you very much.  Your pendants are really wonderful and I'll be back to shop for more soon. - Ronald

The package was in the mailbox when I arrived home this evening! Beautiful stones. Thank you so much for your caring and concern in making sure they reached me. What fantastic customer service.  I will order again!  Sue

I just had to tell you how much I love my beautiful Danburite!  It is gorgeous beyond compare and I am so grateful that it came from your hands to mine.  It suits me well and I give thanks to you and my friend Alexis for finding the perfect stone for me. Stay Blessed,Frances

Bright blessings and gracious greetings! I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled, nay elated, I am with my recent purchase. Your choice was indeed perfect. The addition of the tumbled rhodocrosite caused me to squeal with  delight, it is one of my favorite gem stones. You've found a loyal customer and advocate. Many thanks.  Respectfully, Judith M.

 I got my pendant today, thank you so much, I like it alot.  You guys do great work.
Karrie S

I received my order today, thank you so much. The stones are so beautiful!!! They are all gifts except for the Blue Chalcedony, which is for me:) I feel so confident that my family will fall in love with these pendants. Thank you so, so much and I look foward to ordering from you again! Also, thanks for the Rhodocrosite stone, gave it to my daughter and she loves it! Sincerely, Jen H

Just a quick note to let you know that I love the Ocean Jasper pendant! 

Also, what a wonderful treat to find the Chrysocolla in my package!  It is a very soothing & peaceful feeling stone! Blessings! Linda

 I got my Rose Quartz pendant today, and I'm wearing it now.  Thank you for taking care of it for me.  I also wanted to thank you for sending the extra pieces of Agate and the Rose Quartz worry stone that you sent with one of my many orders.  I have really enjoyed everything I have received from your company and you have been very pleasant to do business with.
Thanks again,  Karrie

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful stones I ordered.  They all have great energy, and I have enjoyed wearing them at my heart chakra.  I wear a different stone depending on what energy I want to explore or manifest.  I was so impressed with the quality of the four stones I initially ordered (malachite, rainforest jasper, labradorite and emerald) that I had to place another order to get a much coveted ruby, which also happens to be my birthstone.  The ruby is magnificent and has incredible energy.  I also enjoyed the sweet extra that came with my second package. 
Thank you so much for the lovely stones!  I plan on ordering more in the future and will spread the word that you sell amazing pieces! Peace,

Without further adieu, here are a few testimonials with respect to some of the pendants we bought. I'll start with the aquamarine. After it arrived and I wore it, I knew that although I liked it, it wasn't meant for me. The problem was that I had no idea who it was meant for. I looked up some of the healing properties of aquamarine and our book said it was good for helping those with thyroid, liver, or eyesight issues. As it turns out, our ten year old miniature pinscher has thyroid, liver, and eyesight issues so I attached the pendant to his collar just behind his tags. As soon as I put the aquamarine on him, it was as if he turned into a puppy. He started bounding all over the house, playing and smiling and just having a grand ol' time! Guidry was a rescue dog and in all the time we had him, we had never seen him so carefree and rambunctious as we did when we put the aquamarine pendant on him. His new playfulness and rejuvenated spirit continued for quite some time (6-8 we
eks I think) until he got so playful that he broke the little piece of metal that was in the stone and it fell off his collar.  As it turns out, Guidry has continued to be almost as upbeat and playful as when he was actually wearing the pendant, so Andrew and I believe that once the aquamarine did its job, it let go and became its own separate stone again. We keep it with the rest of our pendants, crystals, and stones and sometimes when Guidry is snoozing, I'll put the aquamarine beside him. For anyone who has doubts about the power of crystals and stones, look no further than the most objective witness you can find...a dog!

The amethyst pendant you sent me also works wonders. You see, we have quite a few happy hours at work and I do love my happy hours. The problem is, of course, I have a tendency to get a little too happy on occasion and overindulge by drinking too much, which is obviously never a good thing if I have to drive home. Enter the amethyst pendant. I have taken other pieces of amethyst to happy hours and kept them in my pocket but have never had any substantial change in my desire to throw a few back with the rest of my co-workers. Once I began wearing this pendant to happy hours or any random parties however, I have never had the desire to drink to excess or overindulge whatsoever. In fact, even if I wanted to, something just made me stop and I put my drink down and grabbed a soda. I have to attribute this extra burst of self control to the amethyst pendant because it only happens when I'm wearing it or when I have it with me in my pocket (because I'm wearing one of my other penda
nts, of course!).  Considering how much I just love celebrating life and how easy it is for me or anyone else to celebrate just a little too much, this amethyst you sent me is miraculous and if there's anyone who is looking for a little extra bit of self control when painting the town red, I highly recommend one of your amethyst pendants.

Andrew's beautiful larimar pendant is another cool one. I don't necessarily have a tangible change to report on this pendant but what I can say is that as soon as he put it on, he and the larimar practically glowed. We visited Andrew's family in Iowa this summer and he wore his larimar. Every time he held his cousin's little baby, the baby's face lit up and he was instantly drawn to the larimar and became happy and giddy. This was repeated over and over every time another baby or even one of the older (2-3 year old kids) came near him. There is a very bright, happy, and magical energy about that larimar pendant that I guess is fairly evident to anyone with no preconceived notions about what is real and what isn't (in this case the kids). I could feel the great energy from it the one time I wore it just to see what all the fuss was about! If there was ever a pendant that was made for Andrew, that larimar is it. When I ordered it I asked for one just as bright, happy, and beau
tiful as he is and that's exactly what you sent! It fits him perfectly.

The last one I'll go into is the tourmalinated quartz. I wore it during the first part of the year when I was working on a large time-sensitive project at work. Our whole industry was under a strict deadline set by the Secrities and Exchange Commission to have certain contracts in place by mid April. I personally had to have over 400 of them completed and never having done contract negotiations before, it was a challenge to say the least. But as intense as it was, I never got stressed out despite some of the rather aggravating people with whom I had to negotiate. I attribute that to my tourmalinated quartz pendant and its ability to repel negative energy because no matter what happened or who got snippy with me, I just never let it get to me. My boss even asked me why I was so calm and jokingly asked what drugs I was taking. I just smiled and pointed to my pendant. She probably thinks I'm crazy but anytime I know I'm going into a potentially stressful or adversarial situatio
n, I'm wearing my tourmalinated quartz pendant because any negativity that may come my way just doesn't affect me. Incidentally, I got all of my contracts signed and in place by the deadline.

I'm sure I could write a dissertation about all of the other ones we ordered but I'll stop with these four since they were the most powerful experiences we had. I do feel protected when I wear my blue chalcedony (that's what I had when we were in Iowa) and Andrew loves his hematite and I could probably write stories about them as well as the aqua aura, emerald, and other pendants we bought whether for us or for others. But those four stories above are the ones I wanted to share since I figured you both would appreciate them.

Thank you for making these wonderful gifts available to us and I'll work on submitting the order for the three custom pendants sometime today. Have a great weekend! Joe B

  OH MY!!  They are BEAUTIFUL!!!  They are even more stunning than the pictures you sent!  How great is that?!?!?  LOL!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to pick just the right stones!  All my pendants from you (btw - I don't buy stone pendants from anyone but you!)  get tons of compliments...I'm sure this one will be no exception! Many blessings, Linda

 Hello!!! Oh, oh, oh!!!!   : )   The pendant is more than beautiful!  A hummingbird came to visit me today (what a treat!) and I knew something beautiful would surprise me today!!  Hummingbirds dart lightly through the world, spreading its message of joy and beauty, and teaching us to appreciate the wonder and magic of everyday existence.  Thank you for the special blessings - it will make this pendant even more special to me!  Your stones are ALWAYS stunning and yet this one is absolutely SPECTACULAR!! Many, many blessings to you both!  Linda

 I received both packages within a day of each other & I am SO happy with everything! I wore the rainforest jasper the next day!  All the pendants I've gotten from you have never been a disappointment!  The selection of tumbled stones you included are fabulous - I think you were more than generous in compensating for the shipping!!!! 

The Bloodstone is gorgeous!!!  I could feel it resonate even before I had it in my hand!!!  It's also my birthstone so it's very, very, very special to me!!!  I can't believe how big it is - LOL!!!!   I guess this one won't be easy to keep in my pocket LOL!!!!  

Many thanks & many blessing to you!! Linda

 Today I received the citrine pendant that you chose for me.  I loved your note inside the package.  What you wrote was really beautiful.  I
was so excited to open the bag with the citrine and when it tumbled out into my hands, I actually felt a surge of energy.  And then I put it on.....

Let me tell you this - you picked the absolute most perfect stone for me.  I really feel a connection with the stone resonates with me and there is an energy that comes from it that just .  It makes me feel brighter, stronger, and inspired.  Not only is this citrine beautiful but it is truly magical.  I don't feel that with just any stone.  This one is very special.  I cannot thank you enough for choosing this citrine for me.  I can really feel that it was chosen with love and good intentions.  I am so, so happy with it.  Thank you so much. Carrie 


Dear Balsamic Moon Elves, I am enjoying all my beautiful pendants and stones from you.  I appreciate the love and care you put into your products and the wonderful service you provide for your customers.  The handwritten notes make opening each package an extra special treat! Namaste, Mary Jo

 I LOVE your pendants.  They feel like special friends. I am rounding out my collection with this order.  Thank you so much! Mary Jo

 I very much love my pendants.  When I am not wearing them, they sit on my dresser next to my bed, with a few other tumbled and raw stones I have.  (Oh, who am I kidding?  I have rocks scattered all over the place.)  I saw your Valentine's sale and I'm thinking about the shiva lingam, I've kind of wanted one for a while.  But fertility in mind and spirit only please!  At least for now.  :)  Peace, Amy

 Yeah!  I’m glad it finally made it to you!  I thought the PO was never going to be able to locate you!  I am amazed at the Mother of Pearl.  I had gone for about a week without wearing it and was just all out of sorts (as seems to be common with many new moms).  I went to supper with a friend and she was telling me how she always knows when she is not wearing her pendant (Aquamarine).  The next day I remembered to put my pendant back on and have felt in balance ever since. You’re a blessing. Thank you. Charisma 

 As always I love getting packages from you!  And I love the stones.  They are always beautiful!

 It took me a whole day to process the kind words in your last mail.  "Priestess" is a title I never really felt comfortable claiming for myself, but I have long aspired to it.  It was an honor to be called Priestess by you.

My stones have also solved the dilemma of choosing which to wear.  I found three sterling chains of different lengths, and I'm wearing them all at once!  It looks quite striking and it feels divine.  Thank you again, it is wonderful to have three beautiful new stone friends. Peace, Amy

 I got my pendants today!  (I had a sneaking suspicion they had arrived, and when I got home, there they were!)  They're absolutely gorgeous, and I'm giddy with excitement.  The prenhite is so lovely, the hematite is beautiful and heavy (and the absolute perfect shape for me in this stone), and the nebula stone is stellar, pun only halfway intended.  Thank you so much for all the correspondance, and for urging me to trust my impressions-- prenhite really is perfect for me right now.

May I ask how you blessed them?  I'm just curious.  They feel overflowing with blessings for me! And in turn, I bless you and all of you at Balsamic Moon, and wish you the very best. Peace, Amy

Dear Elves,
Thank you for the follow up letter to me after I placed my order. I really loved the stones I ordered. They are so beautiful and each one
is so unique and special
. I am very attuned to nature and can definitely feel the magical power that is in each stone pendant. I also very much appreciate the added special gifts of seashells and star and moons. I love little stuff like that, and it seems like I am receiving a gift from a personal friend! Thank you for your service and your caring ways.Many Blessings, Diane H

Hello. I received my sugilite pendant , and tumbled black moonstone. They are beautiful.  I love them.  Thank  you so much.  Lori

Hi, I just got the order today, and everything looks lovely (especially the apache tear pendant).  My 4-year-old daughter has already claimed the moon & stars that were included :-) Thank you, Linda

 thank you,my stones are beautiful, i enjoy changing the pendants to match my mood. ;) julie

Yes I did receive my order and I love all of the items. Thank you and you should be seeing future order from me as well.
Blessings to all, Kimberley S

HI Joanie:  I just love the necklaces---have been wearing them every day since they arrived.  I was the one who you had trouble emailing about one of the necklaces, this email came through just fine.  Thank you again for all your trouble!  Barb

Hello, I am currently stationed in Iraq so I won't see the item ordered until I get home in July. This is one of the presents for my wife to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary when I get home. I am sure my wife will love it.  Thank you.......Sincerely, Richard A

 Hello!! The Picasso Marble is extremely amazing!  I can't believe how much it looks like a tree terrain landscape!  Just another great choice on your part by having it amongst your many great stones for us to choose from! Blessings, Linda

Joanie, Rhiannon, and elves,
Thank you so much for the pendants and tumbled stones!  They are nothing short of beautiful.  I absolutely love the pendants, they are
perfect and just what I wanted.  I am so happy to finally have found a place carrying exactly what I have been looking for.  Everything was packaged perfectly and the little bags were adorable.  I got a compliment on my sugilite pendant today from a co-worker and gave her
your website; I am sure it is the first of many recommendations I will make for Balsamic Moon. Again, thank you.  The way you interact with your customers is uplifting.  Take care and best wishes. Meghan

LOVED the beautiful piece. It is very very special.  Thank you much!!! You'll be hearing from me again! Take care. Tracy O.

The Moonstone is lovely and will look fantastic on my sister Sonja.  I am not giving it to her until March - it's a birthday gift (unless I just can't wait).  She has the kind of clarity (in her personality) that the stone  reflects.  They will be a great match. Happy Friday. C-

  I received my Aqua Aura pendant.  It is beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much. Lori E.

  Hi Rhiannon, 
Thank you for your thoughtful letter.  I guess it shouldn't surprise me that anyone who works or deals with crystals...would be a thoughtful person!
I loved all your pendants...especially your two favorites...the Amethyst and Tiger Eye!!!  Thank you for sending them to me....you were absolutely correct in thinking that they're going to a good home!  I'm actually wearing the Amethyst right now because I'm trying to quit smoking and I read that part of the healing qualities of the Amethyst is to help with overcoming addictions. It really seems to be helping with taking off some of my "edginess".
I will definitely be returning to your website in the near future!  I wish you much happiness and success in your business! Take care and God Bless, 
Anne M.

 I just received my recent order and just wanted to tell you that again, you have been wonderful.  I have ordered a number of things from you in the past two or three years, and have ALWAYS been so pleased with what you have sent.  You have been so good about special requests, and your stones are so beautiful!  I have enjoyed giving them as gifts, and LOVE the ones I have kept for myself (most of them, I must admit!)  Thanks again for the great quality of merchandise, and fantastic customer service!  I will be ordering again soon!  Happy and healthy 2008! Martee S

 Hello and thank you for the beautiful items that you carry.
Thanks and have a great day! Nancy G

Dear Balsamic Moon Elves, I love all of the pendants I bought from you.  They are beautiful.  I really love your products.  Your website is awesome. What was really cool is that I received my order from you the very next day.  That was really quick service.  Thank you. Love Annette 

The aquamarine pendant is very beautiful. Thank you so much for keeping the stones as close to natural as possible. Lauri


 Hi Joanie!

The Aqua Aura pendant is BEAUTIFUL! I am sure my friend will love it! I hope all is well with you...Blessings - Linda

 Hi Joanie,

I really LOVE the obsidian pendant! The packaging was beautiful and it made the experience of receiving my pendant all the more pleasant.

I've already cleaned and dedicated this pendant and wear it all the time. It is really helping me focus during meditation and it protects me as I hold it over my solar plexus. I am truly pleased with this pendant because it is exactly what I wanted. It wasn't easy finding a piece of obsidain that I could have made into a pendant. Thank you for having the pendant section! So many people go through a lot of trouble
and expense finding the right stone for them and having it wrapped or made into a pendant.

I've already referred three friends to your website. The excellent service coupled with the excellent selection can't be beat anywhere!

Blessings! Karen

 Hi Joanie!

I absolutely love the pendants! The Moonstone looks great on the anklet - the shape & size are just right! About the Amethyst...what can I say?! If I were the one looking thru all your stones to select one for a pendant, it's something that would have caught my eye amongst many...I love it!

Thanks for taking the time to put this order together for me. I was excited when the package arrived and couldn't wait to open it. Your thoughtfulness & selection definitely made my day!

May all good blessings come your way! Linda


Everything arrived in perfect condition.  Kudos to the person who did the wrapping and packing.  The pendants were a perfect size (I'm wearing one now) and I love the candle holder and plan to order another.Donna

Dear Joanie and Elves:

They are very beautiful and well-made.  Thank you so much! Linda

 Ordering from Balsamic Moon was a fantastic experience. I can guarantee that I will be ordering more from you. Thank you again for making this so easy. Blessed Be!! Best Regards; Tracy


I am always pleased with the lovely stones, necklaces, pendants, etc that I order from you--but more so I like the personal touch that you have--I feel like I know you rather than just an internet site where I get stuff.

I have given alot of gifts to people from Balsamic Moon and everyone always like them. Great site and great company. Thank you,Jane

 Hi Joanie,

I liked the pendant I purchased very much, and was impressed with the very speedy shipping. This was a present for my sister, who is embarking on a new chapter in her life, and I thought the pendant was a perfect little reminder for her that she will always have my love and support. She loved it! Thank you, Linda

 I received my order today...with your surprise gift. Totally wonderful, since it was unexpected. The Cajuns call it "lagniappe" - something extra, a gift :-) I'm wearing the citrine pendant and shared the aventurine and citrine loose stones with my husband. Brightest Blessings,Ina

 Balsamic Moon: I just wanted to say that I am really impressed at the treatment you give your clients and the quality of your merchandise.  I do a lot of internet shopping but I must say that the way you run your business is the most friendly, personal, and careful with the product.  I have already placed my second order and I plan on collecting all of the Gemstones in your collections!  Thank you...~Paula

 I forgot to thank you for picking out such a wonderful citrine for me. She is truly beautiful and has received compliments from friends. And thank you so much for the pretty gift bag. It was not necessary, but I'll take it! By the way, your April newsletter was very well done. Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses. Take Care, Becky

Hi Joan. I just placed an order with Balsamic Moon and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed shopping your website. Everything was well presented and there was a fantastic selection.Thank you and bright blessings- Sandi

I just received my order from Balsamic Moon, and I really like what I received! I had ordered 2 Gemstone Pendant's from you, (Labradorite, and Moonstone), they are simply beautiful, and I am very happy about the discount that I received, as well, the discount made it easier for me to buy 2 Pendant's instead of just 1! I look forward to Buying a few more Pendant's from Balsamic Moon in the future!
I really like the pendant's Balsamic Moon has to offer! Thank You! AnnetteMarie

 Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I received the package today, and I am very pleased with the pendants! Thank you again! Sincerely, Janine

 Thanks again Joanie, your site, your products, your service rocks! You can put that on your site too if you want. Thanks so much! I will continue to order from you. : ) -Blessings, Neely