Hematite PureStone™

Hematite gemstone pendant exclusively by Balsamic Moon

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Having long sought the perfect stone for this special goddess, while drilling a hematite I was overcome by the "blood" that poured out. The whisper of the Magdalene, Herself, shared with me that this was her stone, and the treasure within was the balm of Her infinite Understanding poured out for all the sorrows, grief and misunderstandings of her beloved ones. She truly is a great and magical Being. The healing balm of the Magdalene is well-reflected in this stone which is known for healing itself. It is said to draw illness from one's body. Believed to be a powerful protector and inducer of divinatory states of consciousness. Useful in focusing on past lives.  A Balsamic Moon exclusive.

The Magdalene, often depicted with her alabaster jar is believed to have been a High Priestess of the Great Goddess as well as consort to Jesus. For those who are ready and willing to learn from her, she loves deeply, protectively and unconditionally, and whispers the mysteries into her followers ears and hearts.

All natural polished gemstone with generously-sized sterling silver bail to accommodate many sizes of chains.  Length approx 3/4" - 1-1/4".

The Magdalene, Dark and Gentle Goddess of Inner Healing and Mystery.

"One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity."
-Albert Einstein


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The pictures of this item represent this stone's stunning beauty and characteristics.  The stone pendant or earrings we pick out just for you will be a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry -- it may be differently shaped with slight color variation, with markings unique to this particular mineral, crystal or gemstone, and always a delightful surprise.

Our lovely earrings are not "matchy matchy" like you would get with synthetic materials...these are beautifully natural and complementary earrings that will surprise and delight you. Take a look at all the earring pics to get an idea of what a "match" is according to Nature.

Balsamic Moon pendants and earrings can only be found here at Balsamic Moon.  We're sure glad you discovered us and our many treasures! Are you ready to Wear Your Magic™?

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We clear and bless each pendant as we make them so all you need to do now is hold your new pendant in your hand near your heart, or third eye, and whisper your prayer into it.......ask it to support and inspire you in realizing your dreams.




“May this treasure from the mineral kingdom
reflect your souls's gifts, talents and desires
and assist you in bringing your dreams to reality.”


Our pendants and chains are sold separately. We offer beautiful nickel-free sterling silver chains in popular styles and lengths.  So be sure to check out our Sterling Chains.

Fresh sterling silver has a bright white color, so be sure keep it polished up once in awhile with our Sunshine Polishing Cloth - simply the best.

Silver has long been associated with the moon.  Ruler of the night sky, stellar lights and the tides, the moon holds the realm of dreams and ancient wisdom in its keeping.  Wearing silver can be a mystical experience.
Wear Your Magic!

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