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   Balsamic Moon credo

We are truly blessed to be able to donate a portion of our profits to various charitable organizations, mostly animal sanctuaries that care and nurture our furry friends from birth to death.

And now for our CREDO: (a few thoughts by Joanie)

Back in 1999, I heard Jeff Bezos, of Amazon.com fame, talk about his company credo while on the Oprah Show  - "Work hard, have fun, make history," he declared.  I was inspired...and spent some time figuring out what my credo would be for Balsamic Moon...and this is the result!  It continues to inspire...

Over time I have become aware of the magical content of this credo.  And there they were, my muses - the elementals, inspiring me from the beginning, and all this time knowing I'd catch on to their participation in our credo eventually...Thank you, my dear friends!

This is the inspiration of the element of AIR, sharpening the mind with wisdom, learning all that is necessary to create this dream and be open to the winds of change, as necessary. 

This is obviously the FIRE element, inspired by the likes of the Celtic Goddess of Creativity, Brigid, who has flames dancing upon her head.  We are similarly inspired.

Well, that's the chalice or cauldron containing the gift of the WATER element, reminding us that the real reason we are here is to bless and serve others.  We hope our products and services do just that!

Here the gnomes, the EARTH elementals, are at work!  Ever practical, and bringing our dreams and visions into physical manifestation.  We all need to prosper to do our work on this physical plane.  To prosper signifies a work well done and is a tremendous blessing.