About Us

Rumi says it best: "Let the Beauty we love be what we do!"

Joanie Springer - CEO of Balsamic Moon, Inc.

 Balsamic Moon Elf - Rhonda

Meet our BMoon Team:

Balsamic Moon is a mother-daughter owned business inspired in 1999 by the stones themselves. We live, work and create our exclusive handcrafted product line of beautiful one-of-a-kind gemstone pendants (1999) and earrings (2008) nestled in the awesome wine country of Northern California.

You'll have to read our How It All Began story to find out the true inspiration behind this line of jewelry, and if you've been following us from the beginning, you'll know firsthand about our nonstop evolution.

Joanie is a proud Nanna and Mom and the visionary behind this venture.  Her oldest daughter, Ishqa, contributed much to the early days of Balsamic Moon, and now Rhiannon, formerly the "Chief BMoon Elf" is pursing her education full time along her ridiculously busy Starbucks schedule.

Rhonda, our newest BMoon Elf, was there from the beginning and has found her way back.  Much has changed in her life, she's now married and a busy mother of two adorable little girls, but she loves her days at our office where she picks and packs your orders, and is learning to make jewelry, too. She's invaluable to the ongoing success of our stones businesses here and at Balsamic Moon and Tumbled-Stones.com.

All the elves help Joanie stay one step ahead of her endless trail of creative chaos.  

Joanie's Artwork can be seen here: www.ARTfortheSOULofit.com

Ah, but what is a Balsamic Moon, you ask?

It's that last little sliver of a moon that appears in the sky before it goes dark at New Moon. In the northern hemisphere it appears like the letter "C." It is said to carry the vibrational force of healing, wisdom, spiritual destiny and repose. The balsamic moon is an excellent time to reflect before the next lunar cycle.  Joanie discovered while in grad school that she was born under a Balsamic Moon.....and she just loved how romantic and mystical that sounded. 

What We Love and What We Support

Ever lovers of our precious animal friends, here are some pics of our feline muses.

We are most proud to be sponsors of the Sonoma County Humane Society, as well as gift the local women's shelter with our pendants throughout the year.  As well, we love to support Uncle Brian and his bike trips to fight Cancer, and various other events that arise.  We know that to be blessed is to give back.  It's a circle, one can't happen without the other.  And no doubt about it, we LOVE what we do here at Balsamic Moon!






Introducing our new rescue kitty, FIONA: 


Balsamic Moon feline muses

Sonoma County Humane Society

Joanie is also an in demand web designer with a porfolio that speaks for itself, see it at Design Web Magic.